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Insights from the Voice of the Microsoft Partner in July: Best and Worst Marketing Tips for MSPs

Greetings, fellow MSPs and marketing enthusiasts! Last week, we had the privilege of hosting our monthly call, the Voice of the Microsoft Partner, where industry experts and leaders shared valuable insights on the world of marketing for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). With a diverse lineup of speakers, we explored a wide range of topics that promised to elevate our marketing strategies to new heights. Let's dive into the captivating wisdom our esteemed speakers shared, leaving us inspired and ready to transform our marketing game.

First up was Josh Rogers, our Business Development Manager at the Crancer Group. He brought forward a crucial announcement, emphasizing the upcoming expiration of the Co-op program, which supports our partners in their marketing efforts. This important date is set for August 15th. Our organization is here to help all MSPs make the most of this opportunity and claim any unclaimed co-op funds before it's too late! Reach out if you have any questions.

Fran Blanco: Multi-Faceted Channels and Content

Fran Blanco Headshot

Next, Fran Blanco, Director of Marketing and HR at eMazzanti Technologies, took the virtual stage. Fran's presentation took us deep into the world of multi-faceted channels and content, offering creative approaches to broaden our marketing reach.

Fran highlighted the significance of utilizing various channels to connect with our target audience effectively. From social media platforms to email marketing and beyond, she highlighted the importance of crafting a cohesive marketing strategy that seamlessly unifies these channels. But the real magic, as Fran explained, lies in captivating content creation.

Engaging blog posts, compelling videos, and informative webinars emerged as essential tools in showcasing our expertise and value to potential clients. The key here is to diversify our content, catering to the preferences of different audience segments, ensuring no one is left unimpressed.

Aditya Mohan: Embracing the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Aditya Mohan Headshot

Aditya Mohan, Director of Alliance Marketing at SkyKick, stepped into the spotlight next. He shared his expertise in analytics and how it empowers data-driven decision-making in marketing. By tapping into the insights offered by analytics, we gain the ability to make well-informed choices that deeply resonate with our target audience.

During Aditya's session, one key highlight was his emphasis on analyzing social channels and user interactions. Understanding how our audience engages with our content allows us to craft personalized and relevant marketing materials that truly connect with them. When customers search for solutions, it's vital that they find not just our products, but also the value we bring to the table. This harmony with our audience builds lasting connections and fosters loyal customer relationships.

Adaptability was another cornerstone of Aditya's advice. In the ever-changing marketing landscape, staying flexible and open to new strategies and technologies is paramount. Aditya encouraged us to keep a close eye on industry trends and maintain agility in our approach to marketing. One of the most valuable takeaways from Aditya's talk was the importance of storytelling to optimize our marketing endeavors. By crafting a compelling narrative backed by solid data, we can create a powerful impact on our audience. This resonates with Fran's emphasis on captivating content creation, where engaging blog posts, compelling videos, and informative webinars all play a part in telling our brand story authentically.

Shana Korotash: The Power of Video Content and Adaptability

Shana Korotash Headshot

Next on the virtual stage was Shana Korotash, Director of Business Development at Optimus Information, Inc. She shed light on the immense potential of video content in taking our marketing efforts to new heights. Shana emphasized that videos could work wonders in elevating our marketing game and creating a meaningful connection with our audience. By showcasing our brand story in an authentic way, video content humanizes our organizations and builds trust among viewers. With the rising demand for video consumption, integrating this powerful tool into our marketing strategy has become indispensable.

Shana also stressed the importance of adaptability in our marketing endeavors. To stay ahead of the game and maintain a competitive edge, we must be open to embracing new technologies and trends. Interactive videos and live streaming, in particular, are gaining popularity among audiences, and Shana encouraged us to explore these innovative approaches.

Check out the recording to learn more about what was discussed.

As we wrap up another successful edition of the Voice of the Microsoft Partner, we are energized by the invaluable wisdom imparted by our esteemed speakers. They have enlightened us on the significance of data-driven marketing, the magic of multi-faceted content, and the allure of video in captivating our audience. Until then, let's harness the knowledge shared today and elevate our marketing strategies to new heights.

Stay innovative, stay inspired, and above all, stay marketing-savvy! See you all next month.

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