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Accelerate Your Success: Key Learnings from Pax8

At our April Voice of the Microsoft Partner, we brought together industry experts Nick Heddy, Chief Commerce Officer at Pax8, and Sherman Crancer to explore key insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving landscape of distribution and its pivotal role in our esteemed partners' growth and success. Through insightful discussions, this VOMP provided valuable guidance on navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities in today's market.



Shaping the Future of Partner Businesses

Insights from industry veterans like Sherman Crancer and Nick Heddy highlighted the importance of agility and specialization in shaping the future of partner businesses. Discussions centered around essential elements such as security, data, AI, and legacy systems, providing partners with valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving distribution landscape. This transparency and clarity empowered partners to build stronger relationships and drive more success with Microsoft.

The VOMP emphasized the importance of understanding Microsoft partners' distribution channels. Participants were encouraged to explore various options, including direct sales and cloud marketplaces. Each channel has its benefits and challenges, and partners must carefully consider which best aligns with their business model and target market. The role of distributors in facilitating partner growth and expansion is essential. By partnering with the right distributor, partners can access a broader range of products and services, streamline procurement processes, and benefit from additional support and resources. 

In addition to product distribution, the importance of offering value-added services to differentiate partners in the market was highlighted. By providing specialized expertise, implementation support, and ongoing customer service, partners can enhance their customers' value proposition and increase loyalty and retention. Distributors can be crucial in enabling partners to deliver these services effectively.

Lastly, efficiency and automation were also discussed in distribution strategies. Partners were encouraged and empowered to leverage automation tools and platforms to streamline procurement, provisioning, and billing processes. By reducing manual tasks and administrative overhead, partners can free up time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth, taking complete control of their business processes.


Empowering Partners Through Education

Pax8 had a primary focus on guiding its partners through the process of business transformation. It was emphasized that building a strong foundation as a managed service provider (MSP) with Microsoft products was crucial. Furthermore, partners were advised to identify their unique value proposition or specialization to distinguish themselves in the market. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business was deemed essential for staying competitive and meeting the evolving demands of their customers.


Pax8's commitment to education and empowerment is inspiring. Through their Pax8 Academy, partners can gain access to over 800 modules that help them grow, become more efficient, and reduce business risks. Attendees were also introduced to Pax8's personalized boot camps, which provide customized guidance and resources to support their growth and success.


Exciting Announcements

In addition to the upcoming VOMP, we're excited to announce our upcoming workshop series 'Exploring Microsoft's New SMB Paths for Azure Solution Partner Designations'. Join us for interactive sessions designed to help partners understand the 'how and why' when working with Microsoft.


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What’s Next

Join us this month for our next Voice of the Microsoft Partner and get firsthand insights from Andrew Boe, Director of WW Partner Strategy for SMB, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows 365 at Microsoft. Explore Microsoft's latest initiative: new SMB paths for Azure Solution Partner designations. These paths differentiate partners who can meet customer needs in Azure and Security solution areas. Don't miss this chance to position yourself for success in Microsoft solutions. Head to our events page to download the ICS calendar invite for the remainder of the year!


We look forward to seeing you at the next VOMP!

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