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Virtual Microsoft Partner Networking

Voice of the Microsoft Partner

We take great pride in helping Microsoft Partners build there network in the Microsoft Community by learning from the best and brightest in the industry. Join us for our monthly Voice of the Microsoft Partner series where we interview top Microsoft Partners and industry leaders. Discover latest trends in marketing, sales, business building concepts, growth strategies, and more! This is a collaborative and interactive event where Partners can network with like-minded industry leaders and learn new opportunities to grow their business practices.

Who should attend?

Microsoft Partners, IT Executives, Independent Software Vendors, and Industry Leaders!

Upcoming Dates
May 27, 2022  
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Advanced Specialization: How Microsoft Advanced Specializations will help you Generate More Revenue and Open New Opportunities

Guest Speakers

Kellie Piber, Sr. Business Development Manager at Microsoft

Walter Silin, President at The Bauen Group

Previous Dates
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April 29, 2022  

The Evolution of the Microsoft Partner Network: Soring Model, Moving Away from Silver and Gold Competencies

Guest Speakers

David Gersten, Versapay - National Partner Manager

Mark Benton, Systems Engineering - Security, Cloud, and MSP Practitioner

Jeffrey DeMaria, Stratos Cloud Alliance - Director of Partner Enablement

Peter Wolf, Azumba Consulting Group - Director Dynamics Practice

Stuart Blakemore, Surveil - Account Director

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March 25, 2022  

Microsoft New Commerce Experience Part II

Guest Speakers

Michael Goldstein, President/CEO of LAN Infotech

Tyler Bowman, Director of eCommerce at Velosio

Scott May, Microsoft Indirect Provider

Jeffrey DeMaria, Director of Partner Enablement at Velosio

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January 28, 2022  

5 Tips to Increase Sales by 40% for Microsoft PartnersISV Showcase: SlideSense by Gramener

Guest Speaker 

Sherman Crancer, President of The Crancer Group 

Mayank Kapur and Anand S from Gramener

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November 19, 2021

Partner Roundtable - MSFT New Commerce Experience

Guest Speakers

Nathan Taylor from Machine Logic

Wade Walker from Big Green IT

Nigel Mulholland from Nitec

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October 29, 2021

VOMP - Craziest Cyber Security Incidents - Told by Microsoft Partners

Guest Speakers

Mark Benton, Clayton Mach, Mike Battistella, Ryan McMillen, & Bruce Ward

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September 24, 2021

How to Work with MSFT Account Executives - From the Partner Perspective

Guest Speaker

Chad Oda, Head of Consulting at Chad Mode

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August 27, 2021

How a visionary used Microsoft AI to build a multi-million dollar Microsoft Practice & What's Next?

Guest Speaker 

Kevin McMillen, CEO of RyanTech (MSP)


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