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Reflecting on a Year of Insights: Voice of the Microsoft Partner 2023 Recap

Dear Microsoft Partners and Friends,


As we approach the end of 2023, we want to express our gratitude for the incredible journey we've had together during the Voice of the Microsoft Partner series. From navigating Microsoft's vast ecosystem to uncovering recession planning strategies and exploring the transformative power of AI, each session has been a unique and enriching experience.



📅 January 27, 2023: How to Work with Microsoft

Our year began with a deep dive into the fundamentals of working with Microsoft. Partnering with top executives, we explored the latest market trends, strategies for success, and insider industry secrets.

📅 February 24, 2023: Partner Spotlight

Judy Nichols, Director of Data & Collaboration Consulting at Dean Dorton, shared invaluable strategies for preparing for economic downturns. Partners left with actionable insights on how to navigate the challenges ahead.


📅 March 31, 2023: Transitioning Veterans into the IT Industry

Microsoft's Military Affairs team took center stage, exploring the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA). Attendees gained insights into the program's components, leveraging MSSA as a Partner or Veteran, and best practices for transitioning service members and veterans.


📅 April 28, 2023: The Insider's Guide to Partnering with Microsoft

This VOMP highlighted the benefits of being a managed partner of Microsoft and leveraging resources from Microsoft programs. Speakers shared valuable strategies for maximizing profitability and revenue through partnership.


📅 May 18, 2023: Leading with Purpose - Mentorship & Coaching with Lynne Frankel

Lynne Frankel shared insights on building a supportive network of mentors and coaches, focusing on mentoring for impact, and bolstering leadership resilience during challenging times.

📅 June 30, 2023: Unlocking Growth with Sherman Crancer

Sherman led a discussion on effective sales strategies for net new customer acquisition, providing key insights into successful sales techniques employed by top performers.


📅 July 28, 2023: Best & Worst Marketing Tips for MSPs

Top Microsoft Partners shared their best and worst marketing experiences, offering practical strategies and tactics. Attendees gained insights into successful marketing approaches and pitfalls to avoid.

📅 August 18, 2023: Navigating the Azure Marketplace with Christine Brown

Christine Brown, Sr. PM at Microsoft, guided us through the Azure Marketplace, unraveling its value proposition, and exploring the ISV Success Program for partners looking to succeed in the marketplace.


📅 September 29, 2023: Microsoft OpenAI - Getting Ready for the Tsunami

We explored the transformative power of Microsoft's AI capabilities and guided partners through preparing their businesses for the upcoming AI revolution.


📅 October 27, 2023: Unmasking Microsoft's Incentives: A Spooky Journey

This session delved into the mysteries of Microsoft incentives, offering strategies to accelerate business growth. Attendees learned to navigate the intricacies of incentive programs and harness the riches that lie ahead.


📅 December 1, 2023: Navigating Microsoft Co-op, A Closer Look at Partner Funding Programs

In our grand finale, we explored the dynamic world of Co-Op funding, a critical component of Microsoft's Partner ecosystem. Partners gained insights from real-world examples and learned to navigate the changing landscape of Partner Funding Programs.


Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. As we close the chapter on 2023, we look forward to more learning, growth, and partnership in the coming year.

Stay tuned for upcoming VOMPs in 2024!


Best wishes,

The Crancer Group

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