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Microsoft Inspire is Live!

Hello, everyone!

Today is a special day as Microsoft begins its annual and marquee conference Microsoft Inspire. From Microsoft’s own words, “Get ready to explore the latest Microsoft Cloud and generative AI innovations with plenty of chances to network with and learn from industry experts, Featured Partners, and your community.”

Microsoft will be sharing insights and updates on key focus areas for their business and where they plan to invest in the future. As a Partner, it is critical to stay in tune with Microsoft’s key initiatives to ensure you are not swimming against the current but instead riding the wave of innovation on topics such as AI. AI is being marketed as the primary topic of discussion and I’m excited to hear what Microsoft is looking to share with the partner community.

Today, I intend to watch as many sessions as I can fit into my calendar! Here are my top picks for today 7/18/2023:

  • Microsoft Cloud Partner Program: The Road Ahead (11:00-11:20 PST)

  • How Solutions and Services partners can seize the AI Opportunity (1:20-1:40 PST)

  • Accelerate customer success with partner incentives (2:30-2:50 PST)

Take some time to take part in Microsoft Inspire, it’s not too late to register!

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