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Insights from a Day in the Life: Navigating Microsoft's Growth Path with Stephanie Martin

To our Crancer Enthusiasts! 


Happy New Year! As we step into 2024 with boundless possibilities, we're excited to share the amazing insights from our first VOMP of 2024, A Day in the Life of a Microsoft Growth Partner. Stephanie Martin, EMBA, Growth Portfolios Strategy Lead for Americas Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft, provided us with lots of key takeaways. Let’s dive in. 


Delving into the Highlights

Mastering the Marketplace: Stephanie took us on a journey through the intricacies of Partner Center, Microsoft's central hub for partners. From navigating the interface to leveraging its powerful capabilities, partners gained valuable insights into how Partner Center can be a game-changer for their operations. 


Transact to Transform: A deep dive into the world of transactable offers shed light on the steps partners can take to make their solutions truly shine in the marketplace. Stephanie emphasized the significance of creating transactable offers, providing a blueprint for partners to streamline their sales processes and gain a competitive edge. 


Celebrating Wins with Win Wires: Stephanie shared inspiring stories of partner victories through Microsoft's internal process called Win Wires. Partners discovered how broadcasting wins internally can amplify their success stories, fostering recognition and appreciation throughout the Microsoft ecosystem. 


Navigating Specializations: Specializations emerged as the keys to unlocking the full potential of partnerships. Stephanie highlighted the importance of gaining certifications and expertise in chosen domains, building trust with field sellers, and positioning partners as go-to experts in their fields. 


Maximizing Partnerships: Strategies for maximizing relationships with Partner Development Managers (PDMs) and Partner Business Advisors (PBAs) took center stage. From referral centers to regular cadences, the session provided a roadmap for partners to enhance collaboration with Microsoft and drive mutual success. 


What's Next: 

This VOMP is just the beginning of an exciting series of events lined up for the year. Stay tuned for next month’s Voice of the Microsoft Partner on February 23rd where we’ll dive into M365 Copilot’s Impact on your Bottom Line. Save your seat here:


Whether you missed the live session or want to revisit the valuable insights, you can access the recording on our YouTube channel


Our heartfelt thanks go out to Stephanie Martin for her invaluable contributions and to all the partners who made this event a success. Here's to a year filled with collaboration, growth, and shared victories! 


Warm regards, 

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