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Managing the Microsoft Partner of Tomorrow


As a Microsoft Partner, there are key focus areas to build a successful Microsoft Practice. These areas can be difficult to manage without expert guidance in the Microsoft Ecosystem. We have the experts to help manage and grow your Microsoft Practice to new heights. Partner with us and start your journey to becoming the Partner of Tomorrow!


We offer specialized expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem to help you grow your organization.

Our team of skilled consultants are experts in their respective fields and are committed
to providing personalized attention to each of our Partners.

Experience the latest Microsoft technology with our Customer Immersion Experience, led by a certified facilitator who will guide you through real-life scenarios & provide practical solutions.

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We are proud to be the preferred Azure Learning Partner for Microsoft U.S., Canada, and Western Europe subsidiary!

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Ready to transform into the Partner of Tomorrow?

Our Partners of Tomorrow!

walter bauen headshot

Walter Silin

President, Bauen Solutions

"Well, I can tell you that before the Immersion Experiences, we tried a variety of different options. Since getting into the Customer Immersion Experiences, we've seen a massive uptick in actual conversations with prospects and actual actionable leads."
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