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Virtual Hands-On Lab Training


We offer a range of virtual Hands-On Lab trainings to help educate your customers. Using our Hand-On Lab offer, Partners can create a new profit center by offering Microsoft Teams, Azure, Azure Chatbot, and Microsoft 365 Security trainings.

Each Virtual Hands-On Lab provides attendees with a shared environment where they will walk through scenarios and leave with a high-level understanding of the technology. Each class has a maximum number of 12 participants and are led by Certified Microsoft Training Facilitators.

What is a Customer Immersion Experience?

The Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a powerful sales tool where customers can test drive the latest Microsoft technology in a hands-on lab environment.


A Certified Microsoft CIE Facilitator will walk through real-life scenarios utilizing specific solutions and leaving attendees with a high-level understanding of modern technology. They will understand how these solutions are relevant, practical, and valuable tools.

Why should you leverage Customer Immersion Experiences for your business? 

Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) events are not a typical webinar, they are an interactive learning experience for attendees. Here are some benefits: ​​​

Sparks rapid interest in different Microsoft Solutions, leaving attendees excited to learn more about modern technology. 

Eases the initial conversation with potential customers by offering a learning experience instead of selling a product or service right away.  

Allows for effective relationships to be built with customers. 

Drives net new leads for your organization by integrating CIEs at the top of your sales funnel. 

Establishes credibility for your organization by educating individuals on the latest Microsoft Solutions.  


We are proud to be the preferred Azure Learning Partner for the Microsoft U.S., Canada, and Western Europe subsidiary!

Check out what it is like to participate in a Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshop facilitated by the Crancer Group. Develop your Microsoft education from the best and brightest through a hands-on immersive experience! Watch the video to learn more.

Click below to find out the Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshop schedule.

We are the Experts to bring your Customer Immersion Experience to life!

As a preferred Learning Partner for the Microsoft U.S. subsidiary, we have the best certified CIE Facilitators on staff to create the most effective learning experience for your customers. Our facilitators have the proper charisma and knowledge to excite customers and prospects on the latest Microsoft Technologies, resulting in quick opportunities and leads for your organization. We deliver premier and up to date content on a variety of Microsoft Technologies, find out which CIE best fits your business!


Microsoft Azure

Cloud Technology

Learn how to properly create and deploy a virtual machine in the Azure environment!


Power Platform

Automation, Apps, AI, & Analytics

Discover the power behind the Microsoft Power Platform to drive ROI for business!


Microsoft 365 Security

Premier Cyber Security

Discover the security features that protect and defend your network behind the scenes!

Teams  2.png

Microsoft Teams

The Modern Workplace

Test drive the latest collaboration and connection tools in the Modern Workplace!

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