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We offer a range of virtual Hands-On Lab trainings to help educate your customers. Using our Hand-On Lab offer, Partners can create a new profit center by offering Microsoft Teams, Azure, Azure Chatbot, and Microsoft 365 Security trainings.

Each Virtual Hands-On Lab provides attendees with a shared environment where they will walk through scenarios and leave with a high-level understanding of the technology. Each class has a maximum number of 12 participants and are led by Certified Microsoft Training Facilitators.

Microsoft Teams

In the Microsoft Teams Customer Immersion Experience, we provide guidance in building the foundational blocks to become super users of the environment. We show attendees how Microsoft Teams is the leader in collaboration and productivity.

Using the Customer Immersion Experience Hands On Lab, each attendee will be provided a Virtual Desktop and demo persona during the training to create an interactive experience. Over 1.5 hours, a live, guided walkthrough of the Microsoft Teams platform is conducted, while covering the following topics: 

  • Tools to keep you connected - Chat, Planner, File Sharing, and More

  • Creating Team Channels

  • How to conduct Calls and Meetings through Video Conferencing and Calendar

  • Tips and Tricks to create a smooth Microsoft Teams experience anywhere you are!


Attendees will leave with a core understanding of Microsoft Teams functionalities, effectively and productively.

Cost for Microsoft Partner - $1,000.00 per session Max 12 Participants

Duration -  1 hour and 30 minutes

Microsoft 365 Security

In the Microsoft 365 Security Customer Immersion Experience, we will walk attendees through the latest security features Microsoft has to offer. What is little known is Microsoft is the second most attacked company in the world. In this case, Microsoft is dedicated to helping organizations defend, detect, and answer to all threats where ever they are.

Most of the leading Anti-Virus Companies go to Microsoft to get the latest updates and innovation. In a virtual security center tenet, this hands-on lab will walk you through the tools used to defend against all and any threats trying to break into your environment. Security features covered include:

  • Identity and Access Management 

  • Data Protection

  • Threat Protection

  • Device management


Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to protect against the latest threats and bad actors.

Cost for Microsoft Partner - $1,000.00 per session Max 12 Participants

Duration - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Microsoft Azure

In the Azure Customer Immersion Experience, Virtual Machine and Compute, we walk attendees through a tour of the Azure Portal, and additionally how to create, secure, and deploy a Windows Server 2019 Datacenter virtual machine. Learn how to create:

  • Virtual Networks

  • Virtual Machines

  • Availability Sets

  • Resource Groups

  • Network Security Groups

  • Azure Disk Storage 

  • PowerShell 

  • Windows Server Data Center and Deployment of a simple website

This session is in great demand as many customers are looking for a dual cloud strategy. Majority of attendees know AWS Cloud or Google Cloud Platform, but do not know Azure. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of how to deploy an Azure instance and create their own environment. 

Cost for Microsoft Partner - $1,000.00 per session Max 12 Participants

Duration - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Microsoft Azure Chatbot

In the Azure Chat Bot Customer Immersion Experience, we walk attendees through how to create an intelligent, enterprise-grade chatbot that help you enrich the customer experience while maintaining control of your data. Learn the following scenarios:

  • Strategy and Design of an Azure Chat Bot 

  • Create a Bot Using Azure Bot Service 

  • Add Q&A Maker Knowledge Base and Redeploy a Bot  

  • Manage and Configure Bot Resources  

  • The Functionality of Bots in Microsoft Teams

  • Integration of Azure Cognitive Services

Reach your customers at any time by implementing an Integrate Bot Service across multiple communication channels. Apply bots to channels including your website or applications: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Cortana, and Facebook Messenger. 

Attendees learn how to create a Chatbot through Azure and its functions.

Cost for Microsoft Partner - $1,000.00 per session Max 12 Participants

Duration - 1 hour and 30 minutes

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