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The Voice of the Microsoft Partner is a bi-weekly panel discussion where we interview a distinguished group of Microsoft Partners. We discuss topics such as marketing initiatives, growth strategies, and business building concepts that have helped elevate then into becoming a success!


Microsoft Teams

In the Microsoft Teams Customer Immersion Experience, we provide guidance building the foundational blocks to become super users of the environment. We show you how Microsoft Teams is the leader in collaboration and productivity.

Using the Customer Immersion Experience Hands on Lab, each attendee will be provided a Virtual Desktop and a Persona to be during the training. Over 1.5 hours, we will work together as a company and learn how to use Microsoft Teams and how to foundationally set up your environment. Attendees will leave with the understanding of Teams and how to use it effectively.

Cost - $1,000.00 per session Max 18 Participants


Microsoft 365 Security

In the Microsoft 365 Security Customer Immersion Experience, we will walk attendees through the latest security features Microsoft has to offer. What is little known is Microsoft is the second most attacked company in the world.

Most of the leading Anti-Virus Companies go to Microsoft to get the latest updates. This hands-on lab will walk you through how to defend against threats from the application layer of your environment. We review AAD, Single Sign on and much more. Over 1.5 hours, we work together and within a Hands-on Lab environment. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to protect against the latest threats and bad actors.

Cost - $1,000.00 per session Max 18 Participants


Microsoft Azure:

In the Azure Customer Immersion Experience, we walk attendees through a tour of the Azure Portal, how to create Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Availability Sets, Resource Groups and deploy Windows Server 2019.

This session is in great demand as many customers are looking for a dual cloud Strategy. Majority of attendees know AWS Cloud but do not know Azure. Each attendee gets their own Azure Tennant and a Click Through via a Virtual Machine. We then ask each attendee to provision the topics above and learn how to deploy on their own. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of how to deploy an Azure instance. 2 hours long.

Cost - $1,000.00 per session Max 12 Participants

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